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2009 Newport Bucket Regatta: Recaps


2006 Newport Bucket Regatta Recap

July 21-23, 2006

16 Yachts participated in this year’s Newport Bucket Regatta, which was sailed (yes, actually sailed – with WIND), 21-23 July in Rhode Island Sound, off Newport.  Saturday served up 20+ knots of wind for some very exciting sailing and remarkably close finishes among this fleet ranging from MISCHEVIOUS, a custom 66’ IMS Racer, to the Swan 68, CHIPPEWA, to the large end of the fleet comprised of the J Boat, RANGER, 118’ Holland Jachtbouw/Fontaine Design, WHISPER, the Magnificent Bruce King design, WHITEHAWK and the Swan 112, HIGHLAND BREEZE.  Sunday was sailed in 15 knots of breeze and relatively sloppy leftover seas, which presented a good test for the heavier displacement end of the fleet, but good racing overall.
As usual, the great sailing by day was outshined by the Bucket festivities.  On Friday night, Hap Fauth, the Crew of WHISPER and Churchill Yacht Partners put on a great Country Western party following the Captain’s Meeting at which many present were well roasted in song, by Western Balladeer Lloyd Maybrey. 

After the Open House among the Fleet on Saturday night, all Bucket Sponsors put on great dinner and dance ashore at the Newport Shipyard.  Prizes for Saturday’s race were presented by Bank of America’s Lisa Verbit, with Third Place awarded to WHITEHAWK and Second Place to the Swan 112’, HIGHLAND BREEZE.  First Place for the Bank of America Cup was won by the Alloy Yachts 108’ Ketch, AVALON, crewed by the Taylor Family and a cast of Bucket Regulars going back to the origin of the event in Nantucket!

Sunday Night the fleet moved up Narragansett Bay to Carnegie Abbey, for a magnificent Awards Dinner sponsored by Brian O’Neill, the Owner of WHITEHAWK, and Carnegie Abbey.  The awards were launched with a brilliant sunset, then a double rainbow (great special effects, Brian!), a sumptuous feast and dancing to live music.  The awards for Sunday’s racing for the Carnegie Cup were presented by Brian O’Neill to Third Place winner, the 95’ Frers Sloop, SORCERER II.  Placing second for the Carnegie Cup was the Swan 80’, SELENI.  First Place for Sunday’s racing and the winner of the Carnegie Cup was the Swan 112’, HIGHLAND BREEZE.

In the combined results for THE BUCKET:

Third Place was awarded to Craig Venter and the Crew of SORCERER II.
Second Place was won by Duke Steineman and the crew of SELENI.
This year’s winner of the Newport Bucket was Irvine Laidlaw and Chris Maybury, owners of HIGHLAND BREEZE and their erstwhile crew.

Additional Awards:
The Coveted Newport Bone (for last place) was awarded to the 105’ Hoek/Holland Jachtbouw, SAPPHIRE.
The crew of WHISPER was voted by their peers as the Coolest Crew – who made off with several well chilled jugs of Champagne, presented by The Yacht Report and Holland Jachtbouw.
The Churchill Corinthian Trophy, for the best seamanship and Corinthian effort was awarded to Joe Hoopes and the crew of PALAWAN.

This year, in the spirit of the Bucket Regattas, a new award comprised of a perfectly tied and framed Admiralty Bosun’s Noose, named the “Skullduggery Cravat”, was presented to the Yacht that set the highest standard for creating fun and havoc among the fleet. The uncontested winners were the crew of CHIPPEWA – who among other tasks:

  1. loaded the mainsails of their competition with CHIPPEWA t-shirts, which created a rain of shirts enroute to Sunday’s starting line
  2. Sewed the mainsail ties together on their arch-rival MISCHEVIOUS, which left them nonplussed when the main was set.
  3. Presented the Race Committee with a WW2 Bomb during Saturday’s Award Ceremonies in recognition of their aBOMBinable rating (the bomb had quite a future, simply un-mentionable.  . .)
  4. threatened to start the race an hour early then accept the five minute penalty for being over early - then had Castle Hill serve the Race Committee a round of Bloody Marys during Sunday’s starting sequence – with no message other than a CHIPPEWA war cry! 

Well Won CHIPPIE!!  You helped to put the Bucket back in the Bucket!!!

Photographs of the Newport Bucket are posted on www.billyblack.com.  Do check out the action!

Media Contact:           Hank Halsted  401-848-3256/401-965-3256