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17 – 20 March 2016

16 – 19 March 2017

15 – 18 March 2018

21 - 24 March 2019

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  Photograph of St BArths harbor at night, with yachts docked

2015 St Barths Bucket Regatta: Awards

Chelsea Clock  

America’s Authentic Nautical Timepiece.

For more than a century, the Chelsea name has been as much a part of the sea as the tides; as much a part of the sailing life as the call to explore and discover.
Chelsea Ships Bell  


The Ship’s Bell Clock     

This distinctive, handcrafted timepiece signals the passing of time with gentle, rich-sounding chimes – eight bells at 4, 8 and 12 o’clock to mark the end of a mariner’s four-hour watch, with one bell the first half-hour after, plus one additional bell with each subsequent half-hour. Behind its classic, hand-silvered dial, 364 precision brass parts – many plated with gold – and an 11-jewel movements, all of which are made in Chelsea, Massachusetts, ensure accuracy in time and enduring quality for years to come. Since the first patented Ship’s Bell left our factory in 1900, it has been held as the standard by which all other Chelsea clocks are measured. 4.5” dial; lacquered solid forged brass case; hinged bezel; solid American hardwood mahogany base. Dial custom engraved with Bucket Regatta insignia.




The criteria for the 2015 'Overall Winner' reflects the tradition of the Bucket. This prestigious award is presented to the class winner who sails well, demonstrates good sportsmanship, and consistently exhibits the true spirit of the Bucket, both on the water and ashore.


Wolter Huisman Memorial Spirit of the Bucket Trophy - WAVELENGTH

This award is presented each year by Alice Huisman, to the yacht that best exemplifies the spirit of the Bucket Regattas. The selection is absolutely subjective, but considers sportsmanship, safe seamanship, best hospitality and overall contribution to the event.

The Bucket Regatta was really started as a Club of yacht owners who loved nothing more than sailing their yachts well, getting the best out of them, and then sharing great yarns and libation at the end of the day. There are a group of owners who have contributed a lot to the event over the years, from tenders to parties, committee boats, etc. It is this Spirit that sets this event apart from all others. It is in recognition of this Spirit that the Wolter Huisman Memorial Trophy is awarded.

RoseheartyPerini Navi Cup - ROSEHEARTY

Perini-Navi Yacht with the best result.

The Golden Pineapple Award, Presented by Rybovich - ROSEHEARTY

The Golden Pineapple Award was introduced at the 2014 edition of the St Barths Bucket. It recognizes and rewards an essential element of the event, who will WIN THE PARTY? Since the very beginning, the Bucket Regattas have been fully focused on sharing the boundless fun of this magnificent sport, with hospitality among the fleet a core value. Hence, the Pineapple Logo, the symbol of hospitality. Therefore, the yacht that puts forward the best "Open Boat" party spirit will be the recipient of the Golden Pineapple Award.

Elena of LondonAll Star Crew Award presented by Holland Jachtbouw - ELENA OF LONDON

At each Bucket Event, every yacht is asked to cast a ballot for the yacht crew among the fleet that demonstrates the most professional service in all tasks, while maintaining the best voie de vivre, camaraderie, teamwork and respect among the crew. This is the crew that displays the pinnacle of the profession and has the most fun at it — the yacht that everyone wants to work aboard. Because the award is earned by peer recognition, it has earned serious stature within the marine industry.


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